AWHE Mission

AWHE values quality leadership that is inclusive, diversity, teamwork, mentoring and collaboration with likeminded organizations. Our planning efforts and actions are based on these values and guiding principles because quality higher education governance is best practiced in a fair and equitable environment. In concert with the American Council on Education’s Women's Network, the Arizona Women in Higher Education (AWHE) Network is committed to improving the general climate and professional environment for women in Arizona's higher education systems. For more information about ACE and the Women's Network, click here.


AWHE Mentor Program

Paula Kerger, president and CEO of PBS, recounted during her 2014 keynote speech at the ACE Women’s Leadership Dinner, that colleges and universities have a special role in helping prepare future leaders and that women higher education leaders who have broken through the glass ceiling have an obligation to help mentor younger women following in their paths. “As successful women, it is so important to mentor the next generation of women and help the new generation find its own voice and path.”

 AWHE will be launching a pilot mentor/mentee program and will be ready in November.

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